Rediscover That
Remarkable Tanga Flair

At Tanga Beach Resort, our guest’s stay becomes an experience through which the five senses are engaged, enabling them to enjoy the atmosphere and relaxed lifestyle that is representative of the Resort’s brand.  A distinctive gastronomic concept, the original use of spaces and the presence of natural elements, all of which take the guest on sensorial journey. They will discover an experience in the very heart of the city, a place to rest and unwind.

A True Holiday

From the experienced and very friendly hotel staff, from the cozy bedrooms to the immaculate furnishings and the breathtaking views from the windows: all these contribute to make Tanga Beach Resort the ideal place to feel at ease and to spend some enjoyable days with friends and relations at any time of the year.

Let Your
Body Relax

A discreet and surrounding luxury, the taste for unique details. The character lies in the combination of materials and colors, the style can be breathed in the air. Our rooms have quality wood and textiles, precious natural and decorative elements are used to create unique spaces in which to rest and relax. The spectacularly designed bathrooms are integrated into the room’s structure, one of the most original features of Tanga Beach Resort.


To really understand the experience of Tanga and its culture, appreciate its background and hear what the locals have to say, but to get a taste of what it really has to offer your have to taste its food. Get a taste of different worldly cuisine with a touch of the local ingredients, the food is simply incredible.


Our cocktails and drink menu are elaborated from natural plants, aromatic herbs, fruit and top-quality spirits. These drinks maintain the healthy, fresh and essence that characterizes Tanga’s lifestyle. Our Bar has become one of the most popular meeting places for residents over the years. They are drawn the sophisticated and cosmopolitan ambience in the bar and the superb music from our resident DJs and artists. Quality and leisure come together at Tanga Beach Resort.

Fully Equipped
for Business

Our professional and experienced events team are at your disposal to help organize everything, from corporate meetings and workshops to product presentation in the unique surroundings of Tanga Beach Resort. Elegant spaces that can be adapted and equipped according to your needs. Add our team’s experience and success is guaranteed for you event.

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